16 June 2009

The F-Word.

Gordon Ramsay.
What don't I love about Gordon Ramsay?

I love Kitchen Nightmares, both UK and USA programmes, but man, do I love The F-Word. The music is brilliant, Ramsay is smokin', and what else? The programme is completely and utterly "ADHD" like me. Typically, I can't sit and watch television for very long, because my brain wanders, I get antsy, and need to get up and "take a break." Same goes for films- it's been AGES since I've been to a proper show.

But The F-Word flits back and forth between different topics, heavily seasoned (excuse the pun!) with humour and interesting topics. And yes, Gordon Ramsay is one of my "favourite celebrities"- he's just so sexy!

Anyone else with me on this?