29 March 2010

God's Word Reveals His Character.

So, since I got home from Mercy Ministries, I've been doing a LOT of cleaning and getting rid of stuff. I happened upon a paper (I'm not sure where it came from) that reminded me of who God really is. Not only is the Bible the LIVING TRUTH, but every book in it tells us who God is. I just hope this reminds you of His love, too.

Genesis: He's the breath of life
Exodus: He's the passover lamb
Leviticus: He's our high priest
Numbers: He's the fire by night
Deuteronomy and Judges: He's Israel's guard
Joshua: He's salvation
Ruth: He's the redeemer
1&2 Samuel: He's our trusted prophet
Kings and Chronicles: He's sovereign
Ezra: He's the faithful scribe
Nehemiah: He's the rebuilder of walls and lives
Esther: He's our courage
Job: He's the timeless redeemer
Psalms: He's our morning song
Proverbs: He's our wisdom
Ecclesiastes: He's the time and the season
Song of Solomon: He's the lover's dream
Isaiah: He's the prince of peace
Jeremiah: He's the weeping prophet
Lamentations: He's the cry for Isreal
Ezekiel: He's the call from sin
Daniel: He's the stranger in the fire
Hosea: He's the forever faithful
Joel: He's the spirit's power
Amos: He's the strong arms that carry
Obadiah: He's the Lord, our Saviour
Jonah: He's the great missionary
Micah: He's the promise of peace
Nahum: He's our strength and our shield
Habakkuk and Zephaniah: He's our revival
Haggai: He restores that which was lost
Zachariah: He's our fountain
Malachi: He's the son of righteousness, rising with healing in his hands
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John: He's our God and our Messiah
Acts: He's the son of God rising with the fire of heaven in his hands
Romans: He's the grace of God
Corinthians: He's the power of love
Galatians: He's the freedom from the curse of sin
Ephesians: He's our glorious treasure
Philippians: He's the servant's heart
Colossians: He's God and the truth
Thessalonians: He's our calling king
Titus, Timothy, Philemon: He's our mediator and our faithful pastor
Hebrews: He's our everlasting courage
James: He's the one who will heal the sick
1&2 Peter: He's our faithful shepherd
John and Jude: He's the lover coming for His bride


Revelation: In the end, when time is no more, He was and is and will always be...
The King of kings
The Lord of lords
The Prince of peace
The Son of man
The lamb of God
The great I AM
The alpha and omega
God, Our Saviour.


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  1. I'm glad to see that you're back and I hope that everything went wonderfully for you at m.m.


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