15 May 2010

Oh DANG, I need to update!

Since I last updated, so much has gone down. I've now worked at San Joaquin Community Hospital for a full month, celebrated my 24th birthday (my mom gifted me with a brand new Specialized Sirrus hybrid bike!), planted a bunch of new fruits and veggies in our garden, volunteered at the 5th Annual Bike Bakersfield Downtown Criterium bike race, and today we celebrate my husband's 25th birthday! Isn't it crazy that I've known him for 10 years? :)

My work badge.

Taking a break after my ride out to Enos Lane on my new bike.

Our new Asian pear tree.

Registration for the Downtown Criterium.

The funny Facebook event profile photo for our group birthday party.

At any rate, I'll be honest- it has NOT been easy. I have had a lot of doubts, ups and downs, and been overwhelmed with really negative feelings. But isn't that life? Life just is not perfect, nor is it full of excitement and novelty every single day. I'm just thankful to God that I am able to walk out of this...

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