03 August 2010

"Siren Call."

---> Snap. Awake. Eyes adjust.
Zoom in, focus, zoom out, focus.
Ears acute, hard swallow...
Dry, dairy, dribble.
Snap. Light on. Eyes burst into flame.
Squint, dare to open, see...
Peaceful sleep from co-conspirator.
Tempting calls of "real world,"
echoing rubber on cold asphalt,
spinning tires, speaking, squealing,
roaming down freeways,
free at four-fourty.

---> I miss that calling to roam (oh, yes, I do),
that unceasing appetite to search and seek,
but God gave me a clarity of mind
to see life as a spring to live instead of
a tedious leak.
So battle wages in the tempted heart,
against the lustful cries of early-rising worker bees.
And on the bulletin board of the enemy,
I am easily overcome...
but not with my Father
(who I call the "Great He")
by my side.

---> I close my eyes. Flip. Switch. Dark.
Mind grips prayers here, there, flitting phrases,
Rumbling of belly, waiting to be fed, and,
Pounding of a mending heart,
Praise Him. Honour Him. TRUST Him.

(Written at Mercy Ministries on 22 October 2009, 440 AM.)

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