28 July 2009

Sick of the LIES (and the Media's False Promises).

So...this new show "Drop Dead Diva" is supposed to be all about "fat tolerance," right? Well, friends, in reality, it is: 1) just dreadful and offensive, 2) completely ridiculous if it's trying to represent "real life"/make some kind of point about "fat discrimination" (the whole flipping show is discriminatory itself!), and 3) a total disappointment when it comes to Margaret Cho (I expected better from her!!!)... The whole show just comes off as cliche after cliche, stereotype after stereotype. BLAH, changing the channel, moving on.

I can't wait to see that new show "More to Love" by the producers of The Bachelor. (Actually, I can't wait to rip it to shreds- I'm already irritated about it.) Can you believe they ACTUALLY had the gall on the preview advertisements to say that the curvy women on "More to Love" are "real women," implying that, if you're a size 2 or 4 (or whatever), you aren't a "real woman"?! Ugh, I'm just so tired of a society that is so body-focussed. WHO CARES? Why not just enjoy people for their conversation and the fun you have with them?

It's just all such a bore; I used to be into shows like that (eg, "The Biggest Loser"), but now, I'm at the point where I ask: "Oh my gosh, MOREEEE of this?" And of course, the latter example just irks the he__ outta me, because I've read first-hand accounts that contestants have written, detailing how they descended into EXTREMELY disordered behaviours (restricting, over-exercising, purposely dehydrating themselves, etc), just to "make weight" and win all that cash. It's like, what started as a want to become healthier turns quickly into a competition just to see who can kill themselves faster. It disgusts me that the rest of the world sees this, and then, feeling ashamed and guilty, a watcher (or 2, or 3, or million!) thinks they have to lose the weight just like the contestants on the show. What they don't see is all of those terrifying, life-threatening measures the competitors take just to drop the weight, week after week. Nor does the audience remember that these people are away from home (hence, the "average stressors" of a job, school, kids, spouse, friends, family, etc), have dietitians/chefs giving them "healthy" portions, and personal trainers to push them to keep going. (I compare this sort of environment to what we go through while in treatment- we're in a "bubble," so to speak, so even if we are doing everything right while there, things could easily change when we get back home...and "REAL LIFE.") So, of course, someone who watches "The Biggest Loser" will be disappointed and frustrated that they aren't losing weight (or losing quickly enough, losing enough weight period, lack of dedication, etc) to the show's specifications.

And that's just a tiny piece of the puzzle- I cannot STAND the way the trainers treat their clients! Screaming at them, yelling curses and insults, re-enforcing weight loss (not effort) with compliments, and not promoting healthy body image/beliefs. It's all just a game, media exposure, a job, and lots of money for those trainers (Jillian Michaels, Inc., ESPECIALLY!). Whew, that was a lot to get off my non-existent chest.

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