16 July 2009

Whistles and Cat Calls.

First of all, let me premise this by saying that I am in no way saying that all men are like this, nor am I blaming the entire male gender. I know that the specimens below are just extraordinarily rude and disrespectful examples, who just so happen to be part of the "rugged sex." Also, please excuse my rant, and if you can offer any advice, wise words, or even a passionate retort...please please please- feel free to send an e-mail (no matter what your gender is)!

Where I live, I do a lot of road running. I try to stick to running away from the busy roads, but sometimes, it's unavoidable. Also, it gets hot here- REALLY HOT. Today, we'll hit 105 degrees by noon. So, I typically stick to a modest sports bra (good coverage, minimal bouncing, etc) and tight Lycra shorts (don't like the flappy, wind-up-your-shorts bottoms). This leaves my stomach, legs, and arms exposed. When I run (or walk, of late, as I've been having arch/knee problems), I enjoy putting my headphones on and jamming to some good beats. I always take care to carefully observe my surroundings, however, and keep the music at a volume where I can still hear what's going on around me.

Alright, now that I've explained all that: WHY is it that I should have to put up with getting: honked at, yelled at from idiots hanging out their windows, whistled at, and even cat-called? I mean, one time, I was even startled by some hooligans pumping their hydrolics in their stupid modified/lowered truck! (Later that day, I went for a slow jog in my neighbourhood, and some dorkus drove by slowly, his window rolled down, and when he saw me, he gave me this really patronising face and flashed two thumbs up at me, while exaggeratedly mouthing "GOOD JOB." /eyebrow raise)

My husband argues that it's to be expected in society and he understands why guys do it, because it's "an uncivilised man's way of pursuing a woman" (I think that's pretty much what he said, in fewer words). At first, I was really ticked off that he'd basically condone it (and, as I perceived, was saying that it'd be okay if he did it himself). He clarified and said that he didn't think it was right, but understood it.

This was my thought of the issue: Why should I just have to put up with the taunting and jeers? Why should I have to just say: "Oh well, boys will be boys!"? Not only that, but if a "man" were truly using cat-calling as a "way of pursuing a woman"... how does that even work? Obviously, it has nothing to do with trying to impress me or get to know me, because they speed away after startling the living he__ outta me! I just can't accept or justify my husband's logic.

Come on! My heart rate is already pumping when I'm running, so I certainly do NOT need it to be sped up even more by being startled or scared silly by some immature jerks! (One time, some idiots randomly honked at me, causing me to jump, then stumble, and almost fall face-down in the dirt! The nerve!) Not to mention, I've now had to start wearing more clothing, despite sweat pouring into cracks and crevices it should never go, because I don't want to attract any more attention than I already do by just running/walking. Lately, I've even started to feel nervous or paranoid to go running by myself (the only way I can run, since I don't have any friends that will go with me, and my hubby hates any other sport besides wakeboarding). I don't want to be worried or scared about leaving my house to walk in my own neighbourhood!

So, in closing, my question is this: Why are these actions considered appropriate or "okay"? And what more can I do to help prevent this (or do I just have to somehow "deal with it")?!

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