08 August 2009

Book Review: "Life-Size" by Jenefer Shute.

(Quick note: This book review was written slightly over a month ago, and I'm just getting to posting it here.)

For the first time in years, I finished a book. That book was ~300 pages long, which I devoured (no pun intended!!!) in two days. That book was "Life Size" by Jenefer Shute.

Every quirky thought, mechanical action of the protagonist "Jo" resonated deeply with me. Though deeply disturbing, I found my jaw on the floor- this novel touched on personal thinking processes of someone who had never questioned the eating disorder, and just barely beginning to delve into her past. (However, because it is disturbing and so raw, it could be triggering to some individuals who are actively battling the ED- though honestly, even self-help or "inspirational" stories about EDs could be triggering.)

And what's more: The author never struggled with an eating disorder herself! Don't let that deter you, however. Her novel is not just the typical, stereotyping tale about the upper-class white teenage girl who wants to be pretty and perfect so that Daddy will love her more. She spent a lot of time and effort in researching the mindset of survivors, and it truly shows in her writing.

Honestly, I rarely find anything in books about EDs "novel" or "something that inspires introspection," but while reading "Life-Size," I felt like I was reading my own thoughts, as twisted and inhuman as they are.

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