06 August 2009

Have a Happy Period.

So, uhm, I don't really have a period- though, granted, I did have one in mid-July, after going 11 months without. (I tell you what: there's nothing like getting your period when you're 8-9 hours away from home with your in-laws on vacation, stranded without supplies because you simply "never bleed anymore," and utterly horrified/shocked that yes, you are indeed still a 23-year-old woman.) It's one of the "joys" of anorexia nervosa, and what doctors call "secondary amenorrhea," explained as losing your period for more than 3 months consecutively (after you've already menstruated before); "primary amenorrhea," however, is when a pre-pubescent/adolescent girl has not had her period after the age of 16, despite all of the other "perks of puberty" having occured. Erm, okay...changing subjects! Well, sort of.

Most commercials bug me. A lot. The sheer number of weight loss and greed-inducing advertisements on the telly these days just infuriate me! Usually, I have quite the opinion on any ad that flashes its piece-of-crap product onto the screen, and more often than not, my opinion is not a very nice one. :D Even commercials for feminine hygiene products (eg, Vagisil, Tampax, etc) can get me riled up. (I think some might call it me being "too sensitive"...or is it "too opinionated"? Haha.)

At any rate, I was surprised when I started getting into the groove and swaying to the beat of a short advertisement's "soundtrack," while I was doing chores around the house one day. It wasn't until I stopped to glance at the television screen, when (imagine my even greater shock!) I realised the music was playing in a commercial for Always Infinity pads! Chuckling, I thought to myself: "Hmmm, is it weird that I really like this otherwise-normal tune?"

I like it so much that I thought I would post the video here, so you could "see the magic show" yourself! Enjoy! :D

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