10 April 2010

Asthma and COPD Education Center (ACEC) 20-Mile Family Fun Ride

Mom and I went out for the ACEC ride this morning at 9 AM. It started at the registration table at CSUB, then we got onto the Riverwalk bike path and rode out to Enos Lane. That's about 10 miles, where we got some snacks and water, and then rode another 10 miles back. (Here is the interactive map.) At the end, we got to have some yummy BBQ chicken, beans, salsa, rolls, and salad! The weather was seriously awesome, though on the way back the headwind was pretty strong. Mom donated 100$ to the ACEC, so they ended up giving her 100 raffle tickets (yes, I'm serious!)... I'm pretty sure one of us will be getting a winning call tonight or tomorrow. Haha.

I got some photos while we were out:

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