18 September 2009

La Vida Dulce. (A Lovely Ditty Written by a Friend.)

I'm a wife, mom and blogger,
Coffee drinker, baker, and jogger.
I don't swim in the sea
Or make potpourri.
I like pizza with a good lager.

(Not really, but it was the only word
that rhymed. Anyway...)

I'm a C-section survivor.
The mother, the gard'ner, the driver,
A maid, and a groomer.
(Have I said coffee consumer?)
I'm not the best, but I try-ver.

I'm the home-school professor,
And my desk is a mess-er.
A guitar player who cooks,
A reader of books;
I'm early to rise, I confess-er.

From laundry [I constantly] flee;
My van is chock full of debris.
I mow the lawn,
Walk our dogs in the dawn-
Only after two cups of coffee.

Like you, I do many things.
But its Christ who gives me the wings
To press on when life's hard,
Knowing He will stand guard.
His love is what makes my heart sing.

Among titles, no more am I "slave":
For Christ overcame that dark grave;
In Him I am free
To be who He's called me to be.
And that's the short story of me.

-La Vida Coffee Gal
(Galatians 5:1)

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