08 September 2009

You Can Be Loved. (From My Personal E-Mail Inbox.)

It must have been "a God thing" when I received this in my e-mail inbox this evening. I've been having one of those weeks, where nothing I do can ever seem to measure up and meet my own rather irrational expectations. When I dig deeper inside, I see that, inside the void in the pit of my stomach, is actually a little girl who desperately needs and wants to be loved unconditionally- no strings attached, no hidden motives or agendas.

Typically, I must admit, I will see the "FW:" (forward) in an e-mail subject line... and immediately delete it, without even clicking to find out what the message says. I just get too much "spam mail" these days- as do most of us, I'm assuming, right? But this one happened to call me to open it, and I'm actually glad I did.

So... with no further ado:
Here is said e-mail (originally written by Jen Lemen), with much love and thanks to my friend Ali.

You can be loved...
  • even if you are not perfect
  • even if you don’t know the answer
  • even if you are horribly confused
  • even if you can’t make anyone feel better
  • even if you don’t know how to make yourself well
  • even if you made a mistake
  • even if you don’t know how to be
  • even if you are ashamed
  • even if you are hopeless
  • even if you don’t quite fit in
  • even if you are scared
  • even if you are lonely
  • even if you shouldn’t be having such a hard time right now
  • even if you don’t think so
  • even if you haven’t found your place yet
  • even if you aren’t proud of yourself
  • even if no one has really seen you before
  • even if you don’t know what to do
  • even if you try too hard
  • even if you’re disappointed
  • even if you don’t really like yourself right now
  • even if you are beyond good advice
  • even if you don’t know how to cry
  • even if you think this must be meant for someone other than you


  1. you CAN be loved, lily. and you ARE loved. by ME and so many others! and i'm glad you opened this one up. :)

  2. you write so beautifuly please keep sending me link i would love to keep reading

  3. Yup forwards get the delete button quite often for me too.


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