14 February 2011

Week 10.

Yes, it IS week 10. Even though Baby was supposedly measuring a week "behind" according to the transvaginal ultrasound a couple weeks ago, the estimated due date (EDD) hasn't changed. So YES, I can still consider myself 10 weeks preggers.

I have noticed that my clothes are definitely tighter around my abdomen, which is scary, but my hubby keeps reminding me over and over: "You are not fat; you are pregnant!" My nausea and vomiting are still very alive and well, though I admit, I have a bit more energy (though I'm still going to bed super early). I have to be honest, it's hard seeing all my running buddies training daily for the LA marathon in March. I miss our long runs together. :(

I've mostly been eating a lot of carbs, and sadly, when I eat anything greasy or lots of dairy (typically cheese), my stomach goes crazy! Anyway, I can't get enough of toast, crackers, fruit, and weirdly enough... MEAT?! For the first time in YEARS (I mean, like, a decade and a half), I had a couple sausage links with syrup, and I was in heaven... that is, until my stomach flipped, and I ended up hardcore vomiting in the restaurant bathroom. Sad times. :( But man, sausage?!

We saw Dr Hoang again on Thursday, and for the first time, we were able to see the Baby and hear the heartbeat (175 beats per minute!) via Doppler (external) ultrasound. Wow, so much growth already! I finally talked to Dr Hoang about the "getting weighed" issue, and he said that he just wants to make sure that I do not lose too much weight (since I've been throwing up, and plus, my history)- however, because he understands the issues from my past (and how much I HATE stepping on the scale, backwards or not), he said he will just have me weighed every couple months. PHEW! Okay, so yeah, I'm starting to like him now that I've seen him a few times. :)


  1. Haha! Your clothes are tightening up? Wait 'till you are in your last weeks as I am ;o)

    Want to wish you all the best and hopefully a great and fit pregnancy!

  2. maybe its not the sasuage.

    Sorbitol: While it can't hurt your baby, it can have unpleasant gastro effects on you: In large doses, it can cause stomach upset and diarrhea, something no pregnant woman wants to have (diarrhea, besides being uncomfortable, can interfere with the absorption of vital nutrients, plus lead to dehydration). It's safe in moderate amounts. Sorbitol has more calories than other substitutes and less sweetness than regular sugar.

    Mannitol: Like sorbitol, it's safe, and moderate amounts are fine, but its poor absorption by your body means it can cause unfortunate goings-on in your stomach.

    Your body may of been ok with mannitol/splenda when you werent PG but now your body acts different, before you rule it as sasuage try it without the fake sugar. see if your body acts different.

  3. Hi Ash,

    Actually, I have been struggling with pretty bad morning sickness- especially triggered by anything bloating (like anything more than a small amount of veggies/fruit or greasy foods). But it has gotten infinitely better, now that the baby has its own placenta! I actually don't have much Splenda anymore, as I can't have tea or coffee.


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