19 February 2011

Week 11.

That's right- week 11 (and 4 days, as of today)! :D This morning, I went out for my first jog/walk in awhile... and guess what?! Kevin came with me! It's the first time he's been jogging since he was a kid! He says he's only doing it to be healthy for the baby. How sweet. :)

Anyway, I'm back at work again (started on Tuesday) after getting medical leave for 2 weeks. That morning sickness (more like "all-day sickness") was just draining me! I am doing better at work, and I keep reminding myself not to stress out too much. I've had to really start making sure I am not overeating, though, because there are always snacks, pizza, doughnuts (and more!) at work, it seems. I'm already getting hungrier, and so yeah, I'm just trying to rein it in (and yet still maintain a healthy diet). At any rate, right now, my favourite snack is string cheese! I never used to like it, but for some reason, it's the only dairy I can really enjoy without getting nauseous. :)

My co-workers have started to ask a little bit about Baby Bean, and one of them even told me she could see a difference in my tummy. Haha, that's kinda cute, but I will be honest, I have been really fighting the enemy's lies when it comes to how big my belly already is. I've just tried to stay focussed on my job, getting back to running/walking, loving my husband (my BFF! <3), and staying away from negative or difficult situations (especially people who like giving unhealthy or irritating advice on a regular advice). It's really hard for me to hear about all my running buddies doing their long runs in preparation for the LA marathon in March... while I can barely crank out 20-30 minutes of non-stop running. But I know I just have to be gentle with myself (and Baby)! It's just tough, all the same...

(I've really enjoyed using Tumblr to "collect" positive, spiritual, and inspirational message/photos. I follow a lot of young and on-fire-for-God Christians, so it is a real pick-me-up... It's also a good place to vent. Y'all should check it out!)

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