05 February 2011

Week 9... erm, nope, back to Week 8!

I went in to see Dr Hoang (my OBGYN) on Tuesday of this last week- which should have marked exactly 9 weeks. I just wanted to get some medication for this painful nausea and vomiting, and maybe a a doctor's note to get some time off work.

But instead, Dr Hoang walked into the office and announced that I would be getting pap smear, my first ultrasound, and oh yes, some nausea medication and doctor's note. :P Woohoo! So long story made short- WE GOT TO SEE OUR BABY for the very first time! :D But during the ultrasound, he measured the crown-to-rump length of our baby... and I am only 8 weeks along instead of the 9 weeks I had thought based on my last period. Guess my ovulation was still weird/irregular, despite the hormones I took for a couple months beforehand. :\

Kevin and I were both so excited, and now it's just that much more "real"! We also got to finally hear the fast little heartbeat; as Dr Hoang said: "Sounds like a Junior All-Star!" Awww... it did kinda look/sound like our baby was already running a marathon in there!

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