08 January 2011

Week 5.

So... awesome news! Four days ago, I took the 7th home pregnancy test in 7 days- I just "felt" something, like I knew I was pregnant. Plus, I had been tired and unmotivated with my running and had pounding headaches (which I haven't had since I was a teenager).

I looked down, and there was a faint "positive" line on my relatively cheap pregnancy test. I was shocked, and had to confirm it with my hubby. He threw on his jacket, and despite being in his pyjamas, we went to the drug store where I bought one of the good expensive pregnancy tests.

Here's what we saw:

I went to the doctor the next day, who confirmed it excitedly! :) We are pregnant, everybody! We have been trying for a year, and I never thought it would be possible, what with my past and everything! We took our first "baby belly" photos this morning, and I am at 5.5 weeks pregnant. :)

Obviously, there is no real change except some bloating and "your uterus is expanding," says my hubby. I am praying this miracle will stick, though it's still really surreal.

On another note: Next Sunday is my first half-marathon of the year. Can't wait- I will not be pushing myself as hard as I thought I would. But at least I did it! :)


  1. Congrats! Babies are a wonderful thing and a gift from God!!

  2. Get out of here!!!! Lily! Why didn't you tell me??? :) :) :) Congrats, lovie! Message me! xxoo


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