14 January 2011

First Run with The Bean!

So, back on the treadmill, because I have today off from work. This is the first time I've run since getting pregnant- at least knowingly (since I think I was pregnant on Christmas Eve, but I don't think that counts)!

But man, let me be honest and say... pregnancy boobs are like period boobs x10! So yeah, having them flopping around wasn't too pretty. Nor was the fact that my knee joints are looser. But at least I had energy this morning to do it! But I didn't push it, even cutting it off early because I was feeling twinges of pain. Turns out those "twinges" was just gas. Hahaha.

Afterwards, I did some uncustomary stretching. :)

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  1. COngratulations!!! So very excited about the great news of little Bean!

    And you are so right about the preggo boobs!


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