15 January 2011

Week 6.

Technically, I'm making this post at 6 weeks, 4 days. By now, the HCG is coursing through my veins, as was evidenced by my taking ANOTHER home pregnancy test. Yes, seriously. On Tuesday (that's five days ago), I had my first prenatal appointment with Dr Hoang. Despite telling the receptionist, the medical assistant, and writing down the start of my last menstrual period, Dr Hoang STILL misunderstood, and thought that I had gotten my positive home pregnancy test on the 30 November. Uhm, no, Doc, don't you remember me being on the hormones you prescribed during that time? So yeah, he had splatted the ultrasound gel on my gut, and was pushing around, and of course, could find no heart beat. Argh. So, I got my hopes all up, and it just wasn't a very exciting appointment, to be honest. He just gave us the same ol' general info, prescribed me a non-generic prenatal (so I have to go back and get another prescription that my insurance will actually COVER!), and that's that.

He also told me that I should gain 20-25 pounds, though "probably 20 pounds since you're petite." Now, I don't know about all you other moms, but I know that the American Pregnancy Association recommends a weight gain of 25-35 pounds for women who fall into the healthy weight category! This bugged me a little, considering I am sensitive about how much I'm going to gain, and I don't want to feel worried if I gain more than a ridiculously low 20 pounds. (I'm 5'3", guys, and definitely in the low-mid healthy range!)

At any rate, Kevin and I were disappointed by his rather non-compassionate demeanor- but he was HIGHLY recommended by several people, so we are going to give him another chance. We see him again at week 10, in which we'll actually get an ultrasound, I believe.

One thing he did do was give me clearance for running. WOOHOO! Everyone kept telling me that if I "run too much you'll miscarry." This is something I know, people, and rubbing it in my face just makes me more anxious, thank you very much. But as you have seen in my blog below, I went running for the first time while pregnant yesterday. Exciting! I actually am starting to have a little more energy, which is awesome, considering I WAS coming home on weekdays and falling face-first into my bed, still dressed in my work clothes.

Anyway, today Carolyn and I are heading down to LA to do the 13.1 half-marathon down there on Sunday. I promised my husband I would walk the entire thing... except for when I see photographers (and then I'll sprint- haha!)... ;)

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  1. Hey! This is ked1011 from fs, I just wanted to comment on your doctors comments. I'm a nurse, and I know from working with ob patients that 20 pounds is A VERY small amount of weight to gain with pregnancy, and we only recommended that amount to our overweight/obese patients on the unit when they became pregnant. I would definitely say go with your gut (no pun intended) and eat intuitively and please don't be concerned with gaining more than 20 lbs, it is PERFECTLY normal for anyone who is in a healthy weight range to gain 25-35 lbs with single births.


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