29 January 2011

Week 8.

Well, this week has been a crazy one. First of all, OMG... the pregnancy boobs have gotten infinitely worse. I know, I know- I'm sure they will get even more painful and swollen as I progress in the pregnancy and start nursing after Baby Bean arrives. But I finally just had to get a "sleeping" maternity bra because the pain was waking me up at night! Whoa!

Secondly, I have been feeling SO SO SO nauseous, and throw up a couple times a day.
This has led to some issues at work. :\ I finally got a "verbal warning" for leaving early from work too many times. It's frustrating because, even though I'm just processing discharge charts, I can't focus on my work when I'm nauseous, exhausted, bloated, throwing up, and unfocussed (I am off my medication, so it's doubly hard).

So, on that note, I just don't want the stress of my work environment to effect my pregnancy, so I am seeing my general doctor on Monday to talk to her about getting on either pregnancy disability leave or intermittent leave. It's frustrating, but I want to enjoy my first (and probably only) pregnancy!

Anyway, I have no longer been craving eggs or breakfast foods; in fact, thinking of eating an omelette makes my stomach flop. Mostly, I've been eating starchy foods like bread because they are pretty bland- not too sweet or salty. I look forward to actually "showing" and not just being bloated! :P

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